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One-To-One Coaching

Master And Refine Your Spreadsheet Skills With Our Two Distinct Plans

Speedup Plan

Get Quicker At Manipulating Spreadsheets & Improve Your Efficiency

As from Rs 5000

Young professionals and entrepreneurs who need to reach efficiency in delivering their work or organising their tasks.  

Key spreadsheet skills allow you to perform more efficiently.  It also gives you a good insight into how to handle spreadsheet or accounting based software such as QuickBook.

6 to 8 sessions covering: 

  • Create and edit spreadsheets
  • Working with rows and columns 
  • Dropdown & data validation 
  • Formatting & conditional formatting 
  • Sorting & filtering 
  • Tables 
  • VLOOKUP functions
  • Intro to Pivot tables 

Skyrocket Plan

Grow Your Good Spreadsheet Skills To Expert Sreadsheet Skills

As from Rs 5000

More knowledgeable professionals or business people who need an extra set of skills to better produce reports and monitor performance.  

Enhance your ability to deliver timely, accurate and visually captivating information to aid business processes or executive decisions.  

6 to 8 sessions covering: 

  • Chart series & column charts 
  • Composite charts 
  • IF statements 
  • Advanced Pivot tables
  • Planner 
  • Dashboard  

Our skills development services are crafted based on your specific requirements and availability.  We offer one-to-one coaching to individuals at weekends.  Businesses who require coaching services are offered on weekdays.  Sessions last around an hour and are delivered through 6 to 8 sessions.    

"Intelligence is not the ability to store information but to know where to find it"

Albert Einstein

Business Services

Business Reports  |   Data Cleaning & Analysis   |   Custom Sheets & Dashboards   |   Infographics & Keynote Presentations

In today’s business world, having a clear picture of your organisation and knowing your industry, are more than ever essential.  Exceleaders hence provides a range of cost-effective solutions tailored to suit your exacting requirements and facilitate your decision making process.     

Take control of your data.  Companies have large volumes of information in their database which are often not properly used to generate actionable insights.  

Our team validates, cleans and enhances your data while supporting you at every stage ensuring optimum data quality and accuracy.

We design tailored Ms Excel dashboards that provide an easy to use interface for businesses to structure their work.  A useful tool within your reach when it comes to decision making.

These dashboards allow viewing all of your vital statistics in one single location.  Giving you the ability to track your business’ key information, compare trends and generate forecasts.  

Reduce the time your organisation spends on daily data entry and updates by making use of the array of functions at your disposal within Ms Excel. 

We optimise your worksheet from its basic form into a more automated one. Applying specific formulas, preset categories and dropdown options to name a few.  Steps that ensure your organisation’s efficiency in manipulating worksheets smartly and consequently improving staff productivity. 

Transform your ideas into dynamic visual maps that provide effective time management for specific projects.  

We convert your unstructured data into Gantt charts/trackers to gain a clear representation and monitor the progress of your project’s tasks within the specified or scheduled timeline.

Reports using real time data and transformed to a more readable format

We also design your reports in such a way that your data is dynamically refreshed and has the ability to be synchronised with Ms PowerPoint or Word for any live reports required.  

The beauty of infographics is its ability to pack valuable data in a visually appealing format.  At Exceleaders we transform your data to beautiful infographics to capture your audience. 

We save you time by creating power-point presentations to suit your needs and schedules.

We provide businesses especially start-ups, with cost effective customised templates to help keep track of activities such as bookeeping or project & business planning.

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