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Our Tailored Services

Our Microsoft Excel One-To-One Coaching suits individuals in Mauritius who wish to master and refine their skills as well as better manipulate their data.

Our tailored plans allow us to address your specific needs on a case to case basis.  We help you confidently handle, organise, analyse and present your data graphically or through automated dashboards.    

Exceleaders provides a range of tailormade business services to companies and brands across several industries in Mauritius.  Some of our services include: 

  • Business Reports for Decision-Making & Strategy
  • Data Cleaning & Data Analysis
  • Custom Microsoft Excel Sheets & Dashboards
  • Infographics & Keynote Presentations

About Us

We Are Here To Help!

Our mission at Exceleaders is simple. We want you to excel and become a better leader in your field. Whether as an individual or as a brand.

We help People, Entrepreneurs, Professionals & Businesses increase their prospects of success through our tailored solutions. Addressing their needs by refining their skillsets or providing the required tools to increase their performance.

Mismanaged data costs people and businesses valuable time. Exceleaders was founded to address these particular issues and help promote efficiency at work.

Why Choose Us?

Our tailormade & One-to-One approach enables us to provide you with the personal assistance you need in achieving your specific goals as a business or as an individual.

Exceleaders provides you with the tools and methods you need to work smarter; allowing you to feel more confident or manage your business more confidently.    

Our coaching sessions can be taken online or Face-to-Face if you prefer a more direct and personal interaction.  

Our team’s experience spans across several industries at both local and international level including Britain, Africa and Asia.

Our exposure extends, but is not limited to the agricultural, textile, financial, aviation, fashion, food, travel and marketing sectors.

We adapt our business solutions to match your industry requirements and the specific challenges it faces. 

We help start-ups save considerable costs, giving them time to get established before moving to more complex or costly software.

We offer individuals flexible payment terms.

Overcome Your Obstacles.
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